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FlexPods Pro are designed to have the same features as its counterpart. We aim to deliver you high quality at an affordable price. 

Blackout Pro
Blackout Pro
Blackout Pro
Blackout Pro
Blackout Pro
Blackout Pro

Blackout Pro

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Features & Functionalities

FlexPods Pro have been designed to deliver the drama of an immersive sound experience with the comfort of a personalized fit

  • Active noise cancellation to block out ambient noise
  • Transparency mode when you do need to hear whats going on
  • Dual optical sensors - tap once to pause, twice to fast forward (customizable)
  • Dual beam-forming microphones
  • Motion-detecting accelerometer
  • Silicone tips for all-day comfort
  • Functional senors that pause when a FlexPod is removed and resumes audio when it's put back in place
  • Battery percentage pop-up card
  • Wireless charging case with 24 hour battery life
  • Battery life of 8 hours and 100 hour standby time
  • Made for iPhone but can pair with many devices such as Android and PC
  • Sweat-proof and never falls out
  • Siri voice assistant
  • Lightweight design
What’s in the Box?
Whiteout Pro
Wireless Charging Case
Silicone ear tips (three sizes)
Lightning Cable

Design Specifications:
FlexPods Pros:
Height: 1.22 inches (30.9mm)
Width: 0.86 inch (21.8mm)
Depth: 0.94 inch (24.0mm)
Weight: 0.19 inch (5.4mm)

FlexPods Pros Wireless Charging Case:
Height: 1.78 inches (45.2mm)
Width: 2.39 inch (60.6mm)
Depth: 0.85 inch (21.7mm)
Weight: 1.61 inch (45.6mm)

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